Who are we

The Branch Chamber of Producers and Traders of Hoists and Cranes /BCPTHC/ is a non-profit organization. Its members comprise companies producing and trading in hoists and cranes, as well as those producing and/or trading in their spare parts.

The Branch Chamber unites companies that represent 85% of the sector. This indicator undoubtedly proves its representativeness and legitimacy to represent the sector before the state authorities and other institutions.

The main goal of the Chamber is to eliminate or alleviate the obstacles to the companies doing business in the sector and to increase their competitiveness on the international markets.

The Branch Chamber is incorporated and operates on the basis of the expertise and good practices in the activities of related similar organizations.

The Branch Chamber represents and defends the interests of its members before the state authorities and the international organizations. The Chamber's activity includes the provision of a wide range of business services to its members.

The development of the sector goes through uniting the common interests of the hoists and cranes producers and traders and their effective and competent defence. It is expected that this idea should motivate other companies to become members of the Branch Chamber as well.

The Branch Chamber of Producers and Traders of Hoists and Cranes is a member of the  Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry