Companies Podemcrane AD and Skladova Tehnika AD were awarded certificates for successfully passing Innovation Capacity Assessment

In early May, Bulgarian companies Podemcrane AD – Gabrovo, and Skladova Tehnika AD – Gorna Oryahovitsa, which are among the largest manufacturers of hoisting and hauling equipment in Bulgaria and members of the newly-established Branch Chamber of the Manufacturers and Traders of Hoists and Cranes, successfully passed Innovation Capacity Assessment through the IMP3rove instrument. The two companies demonstrated excellent performance regarding all processes related to managing and generating innovation and were awarded certificates for successfully executing the assisted IMP³rove Assessment compliant with the European standardisation documents (CEN TS 16555-1 and the CEN Workshop Agreement CWA 15899).
The service is provided by experts of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and is suitable for companies with innovation activity, which have a 3-year-history at the minimum and a staff between 10 and 1000 persons. The IMP³rove Assessment was developed at the initiative of the European Commission and provides Innovation Management benchmarks indicating the enterprise’s competitiveness: innovation strategy and vision of the company, innovation culture, life cycle of innovation, and main factors concerning their better management.